Neighbouring Facilities and Attractions

A number of other leisure facilities and attractions are located in close proximity to the Allerpark. Wolfsburg Castle, for example, is just a few minutes’ walk away from the Plaza. If you follow the Mittelland Canal towards the city centre, it will lead you directly to the phaeno science centre, the designer outlets Wolfsburg and the Autostadt. Visitors to these attractions can therefore make the most of the opportunity to visit several different locations on the same day without having to spend time travelling between them.

In fact, the Allerpark alone and its direct neighbours offer so much to see that it’s well worth planning an entire weekend for your visit! If the attractions presented still aren’t enough, you can find even more inspiration regarding leisure highlights in Wolfsburg on the city’s website.

You can find out more about the Allerpark’s direct neighbours below:


An Excellent Experience for the Entire Family

The Autostadt is not only the world’s largest collection point for new cars, but also a cultural location, an event venue, a world of discovery for the entire family and an extracurricular learning centre. The automotive-themed park offers a variety of attractions that change on a regular basis and therefore promises visitors a new experience every time: In the summer, it is transformed into a paradise for anyone wanting to enjoy a short break and at the end of the year, visitors can immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere of its magical winter wonderland.

The Autostadt is not only a top destination for car-lovers, but also offers something for everyone. Its wide range of different attractions make it a special highlight in Wolfsburg and draw visitors from near and far to the city.

designer outlets Wolfsburg

A Designer Outlet in the Heart of the City Centre

The designer outlets Wolfsburg are the first outlet centre in Germany to be located in a city centre. They offer something for everyone thanks to their total of over 70 different brands.

If you’re on holiday in the Allerpark, the weather is different than you expected and you haven’t brought the right clothes with you, this is no problem at all! The designer outlets are only a short walk away and offer you the chance to shop to your heart’s content and treat yourself to a new wardrobe. From kidswear through to shoes, sportswear and accessories, you can definitely find everything you need at this outlet centre.

designer outlets Wolfsburg
An der Vorburg 1, 38440 Wolfsburg
+49 (0) 5361 89 35 00

phaeno science centre

Experience the Fascination of Science and Technology

This world of phenomena offers visitors both young and old the chance to learn about, experiment with and marvel at a multitude of interactive exhibits. Come and be astonished by an over six-metre high fire tornado, be puzzled by a feather that you can see but can’t touch or lie back and relax on a bed of nails just like a fakir. At phaeno, more than 350 phenomena make the world of science and technology come alive and impress visitors of all ages. The only science centre of its kind in Germany offers something to discover for everyone!

phaeno not only contains a multitude of highlights in its interior, but also boasts an exterior characterised by its eye-catching architecture. The building was designed by the star architect Zaha Hadid and constructed by an international team. Its special shape is not only truly stunning during the day, but also when lit up at night.

phaeno science centre
Willy-Brandt-Platz 1, 38440 Wolfsburg
+49 (0) 5361 89 01 00

Wolfsburg Castle

A Piece of Culture in the Heart of the City

Wolfsburg’s over 710-year-old castle forms the cultural heart of the city. It was converted from a medieval palace into a Renaissance castle by the Lords of Bartensleben in 1574. Nowadays, the castle building not only contains the City Museum but is also home to the City Art Gallery and the “Kulturverein Wolfsburg e.V.” cultural association. Its abundance of rooms and attractive park are also used as a venue for a variety of events.

If you look towards the Arenasee lake and WakePark during your time in the Allerpark, you can enjoy the stunning view of Wolfsburg Castle as a beautiful backdrop. The gardens surrounding the castle are only a short walk away and are the perfect place to take a break and enjoy a stroll.