“Waldbistro” at the “monkeyman” high ropes course

Have a Snack and Enjoy the Action

The “Waldbistro” forest bistro run by the “monkeyman” natural high ropes course is located directly next to the climbing park and overlooks the Allersee lake.

Regardless of whether you have come climbing yourself, are accompanying climbers on their adventure or are simply visiting the Allerpark, the Waldbistro is open to all visitors. Its attractive terrace area is the ideal location to enjoy a snack, have a chat, watch the neighbouring climbers or simply take in the stunning view of the Allersee. It also offers plenty of space for wheelchair users.

At the Waldbistro, you can enjoy hot dogs, chocolate bars, ice cream and hot and cold drinks throughout the week and can even treat yourself to a doughnut or cake at the weekend.

Come and relax on the bistro’s terrace, which contains 80 seats, and make the most of the spacious deck.

“Waldbistro” at the “monkeyman” high ropes course
Allerpark 6, 38448 Wolfsburg
+49 (0) 800 222 7 888


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