VfL Football World

Step into the Shoes of Your Favourite VfL Players

The VfL Football World is a truly new and unique attraction both in Wolfsburg and on a national level. VfL Wolfsburg is the very first club in the German premier league to offer children, young people and adults a completely new and exciting experience in the form of its interactive VfL Football World. This innovative exhibition focuses on the everyday lives of professional football players and offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy exciting experiences up close and discover the world of football from a completely new perspective. The exhibition area, which covers around 800 square metres, enables visitors to feel like they are football players themselves. The motto of the Football World, “Step into the Shoes of Your Favourite VfL Players” allows you to become part of a team.

How does it feel to be presented to the public as the latest new signing? How exciting is it to walk through the players’ tunnel as you head to your first league match? What really goes on in the dressing room? The VfL Football World not only provides the answers to these, and many other, questions, but also enables you to experience them in person. On top of all this, you can even take a multitude of souvenirs back home with you!

Part of the VfL Football World is additionally used as an extracurricular learning centre in which creative methods are used to get pupils interested in the football-based educational content presented. The concept is oriented towards traditional school subjects and also explores topics such as exercise, nutrition, the environment, values and standards and health.

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