Play Areas

Children’s Playgrounds

Children’s Playgrounds

The Allerpark contains a multitude of free playgrounds and facilities that enable children to make the most of the fresh air as they play and have fun. Some of the park's most special children’s play areas are introduced below.

The “Up in the Trees” rope playground

This playground located in a small oak wood in the Allerpark gives children the opportunity to literally reach for the stars as they climb, balance, float and swing their way up into the treetops in the “Up in the Trees” (Bodenlos) playground.

The main highlight of this play area is a climbing zone made of rope structures that seem to be woven into the tree trunks themselves. This floating net also features a multitude of ropeways, climbing logs, platforms and a play tower that doubles up as a lookout point.

Sand play area

Visitors who want to play in the sand with their children but find the Allersee lake area too full or want to stay away from the water are sure to love the large sand play area located behind and beside the BadeLand water fun park.

This area offers children plenty of space in which they can build sandcastles, dig around to their heart’s content and make delicious sand pies. While their little ones play around in the sand, their parents can take a well-earned break, for example by enjoying a picnic. The fact that the entire area is clearly visible makes it easy for adults to keep an eye on their children while they play.

The play area is also home to a multitude of wooden structures that visitors can climb or use to sit down and have a rest. Children additionally like to incorporate these climbing elements into their imaginative tales as they go on their own journeys of discovery – be it as a pirate on the high seas or a wild animal, the creative possibilities are endless in the sand play area!

Outdoor fun in a green paradise

It’s not every day that children get the chance, and indeed the space, to run and skip through the fields, play hide-and-seek or sprint up and roll down hills. The Allerpark is home to a number of extensive green spaces that were made to be played in. Have you ever joined your children in sprinting through the grass until everyone is completely out of breath? Come and try it in the Allerpark and you’re sure to have a whole lot of fun!

The “UFO”

The Allerpark’s abundance of children’s playgrounds also welcomed a new play area in 2013 in the form of the “UFO”, a new climbing frame situated in the beach area opposite the Columbian Pavilion. Parents can simply sit back and enjoy the sun as they relax on the white sand while their children have plenty of climbing fun on this new attraction.

Play Areas

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