“Skateskulptur” skatepark

Inline Skating and Skateboarding in One of the Most State-of-the-Art Parks in Northern Germany

Alongside the various paths leading through the Allerpark, skaters can also make the most of a special highlight situated near the WakePark and the HYGIA X-Perience Park.

Skateboarding is a true high-performance sport that is artistic and requires riders to complete daring moves. In order to do so, skateboarders need space, obstacles and a smooth riding surface and that is no problem at all in the Allerpark’s skateboarding area north of the Arenasee lake. The skatepark was opened in 2015 and provides skaters from Wolfsburg and the surrounding region with one of the most state-of-the-art facilities in northern Germany. It covers an area of 2000m2 and is comprised of flat and sloped surfaces offering different levels of difficulty and obstacles such as rails, steps and a hydrant, all of which guarantee special skating fun.

The edge of the park contains a number of benches that provide spectators with an excellent view of the skaters or enable active visitors to sit down and get their breath back.

If you don’t want to put your skills to the test on the “Skateskulptur” but instead would prefer to simply go for a leisurely skate, you can do so on the circuits surrounding the Allersee and Arenasee lakes. The area behind the BadeLand water fun park is also home to a 30-metre-long wave section that offers plenty of variety and skating fun.

“Skateskulptur” skatepark

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