Open-Air Events in Wolfsburg

The Plaza is located between the AOK Stadium, the Volkswagen Arena and the HYGIA X-Perience Park. When not being used as a great venue for open-air events, it is an attractive location for enjoying a relaxing stroll.

This open area surrounded by white stone steps is frequently used as a meeting place for visitors to the park and is a popular location for sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the sun. The stone steps overlooking the Arenasee lake are therefore the perfect place to sit and watch the wakeboarders show off their skills.

The Plaza is easy to access from all directions and is connected to the free parking spaces along the river Aller by the Plazabrücke bridge.

One of the special highlights of the Plaza is its large area of 5500m², which enables it to offer plenty of space for open-air events such as concerts, theatre performances, musicals and more. The Plaza venue has already impressed visitors with a variety of different events ranging from true classical highlights such as “Carmina Burana” through to rock and pop concerts such as “Rock im Allerpark”, which featured live performances from famous bands and newcomer bands from the region.

Do you want to organise an event on the Plaza? If so, please contact the company Wolfsburg AG. You can find out exactly whom to contact under “Contacts” in the “Park Information” section of the website.

For an initial insight into the Plaza area, take a look at our Plaza brochure (German), which is full of important facts and figures concerning the Plaza, as well as tips and information for planning events.


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