Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Fitness training in the fresh air

Situated between the Hotel Courtyard by Marriot Wolfsburg and the BadeLand water fun park, you can find ten pieces of outdoor fitness equipment that were installed in the Allerpark by Wolfsburg City Council in 2017. This equipment out in the fresh air enables you to try out a variety of exercises using your own body weight and is a great alternative to a visit to the gym. The specialist term for exercises using your own body weight is “calisthenics”. This word comes from the Greek words “kalos” and “sthenos” and roughly translates to “good strength”. The fitness equipment includes a variety of chin-up bars, rails and monkey bars, all of which are ideal for exercises that help to improve your strength and stamina and develop psychomotoric skills such as your balance, flexibility and coordination.

If a simple circuit isn’t enough of a challenge for you, you can shorten your time spent resting between exercises or do several exercises in quick succession. The ten calisthenics elements form a modern get-fit circuit that visitors can use for free whenever they want.

Before you start your training session, a jog around the Allersee lake is a great way to warm up. If the 3km-long route is too short or too long for you, you can make the most of the various routes available to find the ideal distance for your warm-up.

If you’d rather get fit indoors, the HYGIA X-Perience Park and Actic Fitness Studio offer a wide variety of activities and equipment.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

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