Dog Area

A Spacious Area in Which Dogs Can Run Free

7000 square metres exclusively for man’s best friend: the south-eastern area of the Allerpark features a special area in which dogs can leap and bound to their heart’s content. Be it a game of fetch, Frisbee or similar fun, dog-owners can use this area to treat their four-legged friends to a full-on exercise session. When doing so, you should, of course, always be sure to have mutual respect for other visitors to the park.

This special area in which man’s best friend can run around off the leash is the size of a football pitch and was created as a pilot project.

It was designed to meet the increasing demands of the residents of Wolfsburg, who wanted an area of the Allerpark to be made available for their dogs to run free and let off steam. After all, the animals are not allowed in the beach area, on the sunbathing lawns or in the water and must be kept on a lead in all other areas of the Allerpark.

The dog area was therefore created in order to meet these demands, albeit under the strict condition that dogs are not allowed to be left unattended or foul the park. The entire Allerpark contains a total of six bag dispensers that are refilled on a regular basis.

Although it has allowed the pilot project to go ahead, Wolfsburg City Council has emphasised that the dog area will be removed if a large number of people complain and enabling dogs to run around off the leash does not work as planned.

Dog Area

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