“monkeyman” high ropes course

Climb Through the Forest Like a Monkey and View the World from Up High

The “monkeyman” high ropes course turned what was once just a vision into a reality. The attraction was created with a great deal of attention to detail and really does enable visitors to go climbing out in the open and at the heart of nature.

Watch out though: it’s wobbly! Visitors to the monkeyman course are guaranteed a fun and exciting experience full of rope bridges, tunnels, balance beams and many other crazy obstacles that they have to overcome in order to return to the ground. The high ropes course in the Allerpark sets its guests a true challenge. It does not, however, expect them to be sporting aces: all they need in order to complete the course is a good bit of courage.

The monkeyman attraction features three low ropes sections at a height of 1.5 metres and five high ropes sections at heights varying between four and 13 metres, all of which take visitors on an adventure directly through the Allerpark’s living trees. Climbers can balance, skateboard and scramble their way through courses at heights of four, five and eight metres that give them the opportunity to bravely swing like Tarzan, crawl through a wobbly barrel and conquer the jungle bridge. Once they have overcome all of these obstacles, they can enjoy an exciting ride back down to earth on the zip line.

Visitors do not, however, need to be afraid when making their way through the course at dizzy heights because all climbers are attached to a safety system with a harness. The safety rope is also so short that climbers can't even feel like they're falling. If they lose their balance, they will barely notice and can therefore immediately continue to make their way through the forest. The high ropes course meets the latest safety standards and is annually inspected by the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV). Its safety system, which is the only of its kind in Germany, guarantees maximum protection and carefree climbing fun.

Visitors who would rather explore the Allerpark at ground level can choose to hire Segways from the high ropes course. They will be instructed as to how to use the self-balancing electric roller on site in the park before setting off on their journey.

On top of all this, the monkeyman now also offers standup paddleboarding as a special highlight for water-lovers. Visitors can hire boards directly from the high ropes course before heading to the Allersee lake to enjoy a paddling session out on the water.

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“monkeyman” high ropes course
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