Food and drink in the BadeLand

Tasty Treats in a Swimming and Spa Paradise

Swimming, fitness work and sauna sessions make you both hungry and thirsty, which is why the BadeLand water park offers its guests not one, but three food and drink facilities.

The foyer area of the BadeLand contains a restaurant with 72 seats offering a variety of food and drink. Its menu features both breakfast and a variety of warm meals and it also caters to guests wanting a small ice cream or a cup of coffee. The restaurant is open to all visitors, regardless of whether they plan to spend time in the BadeLand or not. When the sun is shining, it also offers a number of tables outdoors.

If they get peckish during their time in the BadeLand, swimming guests can enjoy a snack in the Badebistro while they watch all the action in the water fun park. Visitors to the sauna area also have the chance to freshen up and enjoy a bite to eat before or after sweating it out by visiting the Saunafitbar, where staff are happy to serve a variety of fresh meals and drinks such as filled baguettes, a generous salad buffet and fruit juices.

Food and drink in the BadeLand
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