Disc golf course

Disc Golf – Fun for All Ages

Sports enthusiasts from all over the Wolfsburg region can put their steady hands, skill and accuracy to the test on the disc golf course in the Allerpark. The course begins directly next to the Columbian Pavilion and runs along the Ritz-Carlton Allee, which is located to the north-east of the Allersee lake.

The disc golf course is laid out like a circuit, with each of the 18 sections containing a start position, natural obstacles such as trees or mounds and a chain basket. The length of the sections varies between 35 and 105 metres depending on the level of difficulty.

Use of the course is free of charge and does not require prior registration. Discs for the disc golf course can be hired from the Columbian Pavilion or the Allerpark Campsite for a returnable deposit of 10 euros. When you hire a disc, you will also be given a scorecard containing a map of the course. The scorecard can also be downloaded here. The ideal group size for a game of disc golf is six people.

Disc golf is becoming increasingly popular in the south-east region of the German Land of Lower Saxony. The game, which shares some similarities with the classic ball game of golf, challenges players to cover the distance between the start position and target with their disc in the lowest possible number of attempts. After each throw, players continue from the position in which the disc landed. Each section of the course is allocated a so-called par, a pre-defined number of throws. The throws required to complete each section of the course are added up at the end of the game to give an overall score. The winner of the disc golf game is the player who completes the course with the lowest number of throws.


Disc golf course

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