Allersee lake

Wolfsburg’s Bathing Lake in Central Location and with a Wide Variety of Different Leisure Activities

The 29-hectare-large Allersee lake is located at the heart of the Allerpark. It is a popular destination for visitors looking for somewhere to relax, sun-worshippers and water babies, especially in the summer.

The Allersee was artificially created in 1969 and is 1230m long and 270m wide. Its waters are 11m deep at its deepest point.

The lake is above all popular among swimmers in the summer due to its good water quality. The sandy beach that stretches along its north-western edge for nearly a kilometre is the icing on the cake for the lake’s perfect holiday feeling. Selected areas of the beach even contain wooden structures on which guests can lie back and enjoy the sun. The Allersee is monitored by lifeguards from the German Life-Saving Association (DLRG) every weekend from May to October and is therefore a top location for safe swimming and bathing fun.

On the basis of its particularly high safety standards for swimmers, the DLRG awarded the Allersee lake the “Bewachter Strand (Lifeguarded Beach)” certificate in 2009. This rating is the result of an inspection and risk assessment of the Allersee carried out by the DLRG and the “International Saving Federation of Europe” and provides guests with a clear indication that the lake is a safe place to swim. It also enabled the Allersee in Wolfsburg to become Germany's first certified inland swimming lake.

Alongside swimmers, the Allersee is also a popular location among water sports enthusiasts. The clubs based on the southern bank of the lake train on its waters on a regular basis and also hold a wide variety of regattas and water sports events. Their regattas offer spectators the opportunity to watch canoeists, sailors and rowers show off their skills and battle it out in exciting races. Visitors who would rather get active themselves can attend one of the clubs’ taster sessions or hire a board for standup paddleboarding from the “monkeyman” high ropes course and explore the waters of the Allersee lake up close and in person.

Allersee lake

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