Actic Fitness in the Badeland Wolfsburg

First Swim, Then Train – Or Vice-Versa

First Swim, Then Train – or Vice-Versa

The BadeLand Wolfsburg water fun park enables sports fans to combine both swimming and training to provide their body with the ultimate workout and get in top shape. The Actic Fitness fitness studio is located on the upper floor of the BadeLand and contains a number of machines for endurance exercise and strength training. As a special treat, the membership fee for the studio also includes use of the BadeLand itself.

Be it cycling, running or back exercises, Actic Fitness offers plenty of different sports activities in a special setting. The studio is small and cosy but offers everything you need for a successful individual training session. Expert trainers are even available to support gym-goers and answer their questions at all times.

Endurance training on the cross-trainer is a particularly fun activity because it enables you to look out onto the BadeLand's turbulent water landscape through the studio's large panoramic window while you exercise. Members can also make the most of the opportunity to enjoy an intensive workout by attending one of a comprehensive range of courses such as Zumba, yoga, Pilates or strength and cardio training.

If you feel like swimming a few lengths before your workout, this is no problem at all at Actic Fitness. The fact that use of the BadeLand is included in the membership fee means that members can either warm up in the water before going to the gym or round off their exercise session by enjoying the water landscape.

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