Swimming, Canoeing, Sailing and More

With an overall area of 29hectares, a width of 270 metres and a length of 1230 metres, the Allersee lake offers excellent conditions for sport on and in the water.

A Swimming Paradise

The Allersee lake is a a perfect swimming location for all water babies, from beginners through to professionals. The lake in the Allerpark not only features a swimming zone and areas with extremely shallow water, but also a special highlight for visitors who prefer to sit back and relax in the sun in the form of comfortable wooden sunbathing islands located close to the water’s edge. The lake additionally offers long swimming lanes that are sure to challenge even the most ambitious of athletes. The Allersee combines exercise, leisure as well as relaxation. A true swimming paradise!

The Allersee is also a top swimming location where cleanliness is concerned. Its water quality has been awarded top marks several times over and makes it the ideal place to enjoy pure swimming and bathing fun. You can find out more (in German) about the classification of the lake by the Public Health Department of the German Land of Saxony-Anhalt (NLGA) here.

The German Life-Saving Association (DLRG) works to ensure that the Allersee is a safe place to swim. The lake’s particularly high safety standards have even enabled the Allerpark to receive an award for its "Bewachter Strand (Lifeguarded Beach)".

The Ideal Lake for Fishing and Boating Fun

The Allersee also offers visitors the opportunity to go canoeing, rowing or sailing or spend some time fishing in the lake’s quiet and peaceful coves. The sports mentioned above are supported by a number of clubs and associations in the Allerpark which are experts in their fields and offer both courses and equipment hire. You can find out more about these clubs and associations (in German) by reading the following text:

1. Motorbootclub Wolfsburg

The Motorbootclub in the Allerpark

The harbour of the “1. Motorbootclub Wolfsburg e.V.” motorboat club is located on the Mittelland Canal in the heart of the city of Wolfsburg, not far from the Volkswagen Arena. Every year, the club's 50 moorings welcome a multitude of visitors who make the most of the opportunity to stop off in Wolfsburg and explore the Allerpark and other sights and attractions.

The 1. Motorbootclub Wolfsburg e.V. was founded in 1970 and is located on the southern side of the Allerpark. The club is an approved training centre of the German Motor Yacht Association (DMYV) and a local club of the German automobile association ADAC. It offers all water sports fans and individuals who want to discover water sports for themselves a variety of different courses that enable them to achieve boating licences and marine radio certificates.

The motorboat club focuses its attention on providing its members with excellent training, fun and an active club community featuring grill evenings, morning drinks and group excursions. If you want to get involved in these activities, please feel free to contact the 1. Motorbootclub Wolfsburg directly at any time.

1. Motorbootclub Wolfsburg
In den Allerwiesen 4, 38446 Wolfsburg
+49 (0) 5361 65 05 35

German Life-Saving Association

Life-Saving Activities and an Active Club Community

Life-Saving Activities and an Active Club Community

The German Life-Saving Association (DLRG) has nearly 1,000,000 members and sponsors and is the largest voluntary water rescue organisation in the world. The Wolfsburg location group is responsible for ensuring the safety of the Allersee lake. It was founded in 1950 and now has over 900 members, who work in the Allerpark to watch over swimmers, water sports enthusiasts and visitors at major events. They also provide first aid in the case of both small and larger injuries. The Wolfsburg group has additionally been actively involved in the disaster management activities of the city and the DLRG Regional Association for Lower Saxony since 2007. On top of all this, the DLRG also offers a number of other services!

The association’s voluntary helpers teach children how to swim, train lifeguards and run first-aid courses. The DLRG not only runs training sessions and provides lifeguard and first-aid services, but also organises a variety of activities for participants of all ages. Children, for example, can make the most of a multitude of different opportunities offered by its clubs that have nothing whatsoever to do with swimming, for example craft afternoons and group excursions. The DLRG generally considers its work with young children to be extremely important, which is why it, for example, sends its helpers to nursery schools to explain swimming safety rules in exciting and entertaining presentations. During these visits, the DLRG members make it extremely clear that they love what they do, enjoy the sense of team spirit within the association and its groups and would be delighted to welcome anyone who would like to join them.

On the basis of its particularly high safety standards for swimmers, the DLRG awarded the Allersee lake the “Bewachter Strand (Lifeguarded Beach)” certificate in 2009. This rating is the result of an inspection and risk assessment of the Allersee carried out by the DLRG and the “International Saving Federation of Europe” and provides guests with a clear indication that the lake is a safe place to swim. It also enabled the Allersee in Wolfsburg to become Germany's first certified inland swimming lake.

German Life-Saving Association
Jembker Straße 1A, 38448 Wolfsburg
+49 (0) 5361 17 37 1

”Marinekameradschaft“ naval association

The Former Marines Association “Marinekameradschaft Wolfsburg und Umgebung e.V.”

Like many other German cities, Wolfsburg is also home to a special “Kameradschaft” association for former soldiers from the Imperial German Navy, “Reichsmarine”, “Kriegsmarine”, German Merchant Navy and German Navy. The “Marinekameradschaft Wolfsburg und Umgebung e.V.” was founded in October 1953 and entered in the Register of Associations of Wolfsburg District Court on 10th February 1959. The association’s clubhouse was then built in the south of the Allerpark, between the Allersee lake and the Mittelland Canal, several years later.

The members of the Marinekameradschaft gather at the clubhouse on a regular basis to enjoy talks, events and small celebrations. The association now not only welcomes relatives of marines, but also, and in particular, water sports fans and other interested citizens among its ranks.

New members are always welcome!

”Marinekameradschaft“ naval association
In den Allerwiesen 8, 38446 Wolfsburg
+49 (0) 5361 43 32 6

MTV Vorsfelde - Sailing

The sailing division of the MTV Vorsfelde sports club offers interested individuals of all ages the opportunity to discover the world of sailing and acquire their very own skills. Members can moor their boats on its jetty and the facility is also home to an outdoor area that is an ideal location for social gatherings for members and their families. Life at the friendly and welcoming club is rounded off by group activities such as trips to other sailing locations or chartered sailing trips.

MTV Vorsfelde - Sailing
In den Allerwiesen, 38446 Wolfsburg
+49 (0) 5363 71346

Sportfischerverein Wolfsburg und Umgebung e.V. fishing club

Recreational Fishing in the Allersee

Recreational Fishing in the Allersee Lake

The Allersee lake, which covers an area of 29 hectares, is an interesting fishing location that is home to a large number of predatory fish such as pike, sander, perch and eel and provides fishers with impressive catches every year. A large number of fishers also like to come to the lake to catch its non-predatory fish, for example an abundance of carp and whiting.

Many fishers are attracted to the Allerpark by the chance to enjoy a special fishing experience in the heart of nature, where they can enjoy spending time in the quieter spots and fully focusing on their hobby. The lake is also the ideal destination for a special father-and-son fishing excursion. Visitors should, however, note that fishing in the Allersee is only permitted with a valid fishing permit.

The Sportfischerverein Wolfsburg fishing club is located on the southern bank of the lake. It was founded in 1940 and offers a multitude of events that give participants the opportunity to discover the world of recreational fishing.

A special highlight is the club's annual “Fischerfest” fishing festival, at which visitors can enjoy freshly smoked fish and other culinary delicacies. It is also a fun event for children thanks to highlights such as bouncy castles and other toys and games.

Sportfischerverein Wolfsburg und Umgebung e.V. fishing club
In den Allerwiesen 5, 38446 Wolfsburg
+49 (0) 5361 66 70 6

Wolfsburger Kanu-Club e.V.

Wolfsburg’s oldest Water Sports Club

Wolfsburg’s Oldest Water Sports Club

The “Wolfsburger Kanu-Club e.V.” canoeing club (WKC) was founded ‘on dry land’ by 16 canoeing fans in 1952. It took another five years for the club to finish its boathouse but back then, the Allersee lake hadn’t yet been created and the club's only ‘sports venue’ was the Mittelland Canal. The canoeing club is now located on the southern bank of the Allersee, opposite the Columbian Pavilion.

Canoeing is a sport that is ideal for all ages and for the entire family. The members of the WKC run canoe touring trips on a multitude of international waters and also offer white-water canoeing, canoe racing and dragon boating activities. Their training sessions take place on the Allersee lake and Mittelland Canal. The Wolfsburger Kanu-Club also hosts an annual regatta, which attracts visitors from all over northern Germany and provides the Allerpark with an extra-special highlight in its programme of events.

Anyone interested in trying out the canoeing club’s broad spectrum of activities should definitely come along to one of its popular paddling taster sessions! These free sessions take place every Thursday at 5pm from the beginning of April to the end of October at the club premises by the Allersee.

In order to participate in the sessions, all you need to bring with you is your “Freischwimmer” swimming badge or equivalent swimming certificate and your sports clothes. The canoeing club will provide all other necessary equipment.

Wolfsburger Kanu-Club e.V.
In den Allerwiesen 7, 38446 Wolfsburg
+49 (0) 5361 6 33 56

Wolfsburger Ruder-Club e.V.

Bringing Action to the Allersee

Bringing Action to the Allersee

The “Wolfsburger Ruder-Club” rowing club was founded in 1957 and now has approx. 260 members. The fact that the club has been so successful over such a long period of time comes as no surprise to its members. After all, rowing is a sport for both young and old alike! Virtually no other sport provides its athletes with such a positive combination of power, condition, technique, coordination and use of the natural environment. Learning to row means getting out in the fresh air and on the water, ignoring the wind and the weather and enjoying the sun. To put it in a nutshell, rowing opens up a whole new world of opportunities!

The Wolfsburger Ruder-Club even offers its members more than 'just' the opportunity to go rowing. Its stunning clubhouse is located on the southern bank of the Allersee lake, right in the middle of the Allerpark, where members can also choose to go sailing with friends, cycling, walking, inline skating, swimming or jogging or to simply enjoy the park's natural environment. The Allersee is also the perfect location for the regattas organised by the Wolfsburger Ruder-Club.

Wolfsburger Ruder-Club e.V.
In den Allerwiesen 3, 38446 Wolfsburg

Wolfsburger Yacht Club Allertal e.V.

Sailing on the Allersee

Sailing on the Allersee Lake

The Wolfsburger Yacht Club Allertal e.V. has been running yacht sailing activities on the Allersee lake in Wolfsburg since 1968. The main aim of the club is to promote yachting among the general public.

Since being founded, the Yacht Club has developed into a popular meeting place for sailing fans from Wolfsburg and the surrounding region, who come together to enjoy a yachting experience on the Allersee.

The club also offers complete beginners the opportunity to try out the sport for the very first time. They should, however, bear one thing in mind: sailing is extremely addictive! The club additionally offers active sailing courses and lessons with experienced athletes that enable yachting fans wanting to go to the next level to achieve their official boating licence. Its wide range of services and events is topped off by the organisation of sailing regattas and the promotion of both competitive sailing and youth sailing.

Wolfsburger Yacht Club Allertal e.V.
In den Allerwiesen 9, 38446 Wolfsburg
+49 (0) 5361 6 72 22

Yacht-Club Hoffmannstadt Fallersleben e.V.

Sailing in a Friendly and Relaxed Setting

The Yacht-Club Hoffmannstadt Fallersleben e.V. has been in Wolfsburg since as early as 6th December 1969. The entire club is based directly by the Mittelland Canal, close to the Sülfeld lock, at a facility containing the harbour and clubhouse, slipway and a large lovingly designed outdoor area.

The sailing division of the club, however, can be found on the southern bank of the Allersee lake. This facility is home to a small clubhouse with a boathouse and its own jetty projecting out into the water. It is the ideal location for hobby sailors to meet up and enjoy the friendly and relaxed atmosphere as they take a break in the idyllic Allerpark and spend time in the cosy and welcoming clubhouse.

Volker Kausche, the head of the sailing division, is happy to provide interested sailors with further information on the club and its activities.

Yacht-Club Hoffmannstadt Fallersleben e.V.
In den Allerwiesen 11, 38446 Wolfsburg
+49 (0) 5363 20 285